Brand Story

Eternal Bloom® was founded by Michael Tayo in 2022 as an innovative expression of his thoughts, a creative playground. Through music, art, streetwear, architecture, and design, it is our mission to create unique yet timeless pieces, with futuristic and practical qualities that embody stories of the past.

Starting in 2023, Eternal Bloom® is where the past and future intersect, blooming for an eternity. Under the brand name, season collections of men’s and women's clothing, bags/luggage, decor, and media are expressing an awareness. Each collection has an embedded theme with a focus on producing quality pieces that include a look into our history and what’s ahead.

With close ties to London, Lagos, and Chicago, our work reflects a world of history, cultures, and creativity while providing a commitment to combating the effects of climate change through sustainable practices and eco-friendly contributions.


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